General Disclaimers

  1. The Non-Opioid Pain Alleviation Information Network - Minnesota (NO PAIN MN) website provides general information about non-pharmacological, complementary and integrative health modalities, providers, and practices in Minnesota, USA. The web pages are for education purposes only and are not intended to provide medical advice. Specific advice on treating a health-related condition should be obtained from a licensed/credentialed health care provider.
  2. The treatment methods and modalities listed on the NO PAIN MN website are supported by sufficient scientific-evidence at the time of final website creation which may not be a comprehensive list of all complementary, integrative, and alternative medicine treatments available.
  3. The NO PAIN MN Resource Map includes major health systems and facilities in Minnesota along with solo or private practices and training schools which provide non-pharmacological, complementary and integrative health services.
  4. Provider and practitioner contact information were provided by their corresponding licensing boards, credentialing, and/or accrediting bodies and organization in early 2022 and may not be the most recent information available. Those who had at least two sources of contact information (phone, location, and/or email) were included. Providers and practitioners are welcome to submit changes to their information by clicking here.
  5. Practitioners working or employed in more than one location or facilities are listed under one location provided by the information obtained from the accrediting or certifying body. Users are encouraged to check with the individual practitioner for their preferred practicing location.
  6. For all of the mapped locations and modality providers, the NO PAIN MN website does NOT include information regarding: insurance coverage, referral policies, and provider appointment availability.

Detailed information on the each of the pain management methods we have included in this mapping resource can be found here.  There are several pain management methods that were not included primarily due to a lack of published scientific research and resulting evidence.  While they did not meet the requirements for inclusion, some additional information on these methods can be found here

If you are a listed provider and would like to update your information, or would like to request a new listing, please click here.

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